Create an Affiliate Marketing Website | Complete Beginners Course In English

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Create an Affiliate Marketing Website:

In this honest and in-depth tutorial, you will learn step by step how to start an Affiliate Marketing website from scratch. Even when you have no idea what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works. In this video, I will take you on an AWESOME journey and show you every step of the process! I will talk explain what Affiliate Marketing is, show real-life examples, share how you can find out which product or service you like to promote, give you 25 amazing affiliate products you can promote, and show you how to make a website, logo, webpages, blog post, and thumbnails. And how to optimize your website for the search results. I will show you how to outsource blog posts, add social share options to your website, and how create beautiful affiliate links. Through the whole video, I will encourage you and show you why you can do this when you decide to go all in!

It took me (besides learning this over the past 14 years) a lot of time and effort to make this video. I really hope you like the video! Feel free to like it and subscribe to this Youtube channel for more WordPress and Affiliate Marketing-related videos!

Overview With Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:15 Overview Affiliate Marketing Tutorial
03:16 What Is Affiliate Marketing
00:06:38 Real-Life Examples of Affiliate Marketing
00:09:05 Some statistics of one of my best Affiliate Products
00:12:57 Why YOU are in charge of your success

What Product or Service To Promote?
14:33 The 2 Rules of Affiliate Marketing
15:58 25 ideas for Affiliate Marketing
21:20 Find an Affiliate Product Yourself
22:44 The Product I Will Promote

Create A Website
26:49 What Is A Domain Name?
27:32 What Is Webhosting?
27:58 Get A Domain name and Webhosting
30:43 Choose a Domain

Install WordPress
33:58 Install WordPress
35:24 Make Your Website Secure with HTTPS
36:33 The Frontend and Backend of your website
38:51 Clean Up Your Website
39:46 Configure Your Account
41:04 Create a Site Title

Themes and Page builders
42:35 Get the Kadence Theme
45:27 Create Your Logo
49:52 Upload Your Logo to Your Website
50:31 Add Pages To Your Website
53:11 Configure the Kadence Theme even Further

Create The Homepage using Elementor
00:57:12 An introduction to Elementor
01:00:14 Create a Hero in Elementor
01:06:18 Add 2 buttons
01:10:46 Create 4 counters
01:14:28 Optimise Your Website For All Devices
01:15:07 Align the Width Of Your Theme and Page Builder

Writing Blogposts
01:18:11 Why Write Blogposts?
01:23:18 4 Kind of Blogposts
01:23:18 Use Grammarly to create better blog posts
01:28:06 Create Your First Blogpost with Gutenberg
01:28:06 Create A Features Image
01:47:53 Create Categories
01:48:52 Create Tags
01:49:12 Create an Excerpt
01:50:16 Configure the Blogpost Layout
01:53:41 Change the Basic Colors in your Theme
01:55:41 Add Author Information
02:00:02 Create and Manage Comments

Find Great Subjects to Write About
02:02:31 Find Subjects To Write About With Google Autofill
02:09:20 Do Market Research With Ahrefs
02:10:33 Outsource Blogposts

02:13:34 Create a Thumbnail using Photoshop
02:22:51 Adjust the Post Title and blog post URL
02:24:01 Change the Permalinks Structure
02:24:34 Resize Images Within WordPress
02:29:33 Schedule Blogposts and change the publish date
02:32:07 Add an Editor To Your Website
02:33:34 Add Blogposts To Your Homepage

02:38:54 Create an About Page
02:39:53 Copy and Paste Elementor Sections
02:40:39 Create The Contact Page
02:42:24 Install Contact Form 7
02:44:23 Create Sidebar Widgets
02:47:06 Add Plugins as Widgets
02:48:13 Add an Affiliate Link to the Sidebar
02:51:19 Add Footer Widgets
02:57:24 Add a Facebook Likebox Widget

03:01:11 Optimise Your Website Using Rank Math

The Finishing Touch
03:17:03 Get Extra Gutenberg Blocks
03:17:44 Add Social Share To Your Blogposts
03:23:36 Create Better Links
03:27:15 Add a Favicon
03:28:50 Learn How To Make Videos
03:31:28 Thank You and Congrats!


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